Sunday, January 27, 2008


There has been a huge snowfall here in my new home, and thus, a picture of me looking dreamy with a backdrop of the white stuff.

I had been pretty curious about it, but no more, thank you very much. My male human wrapped me up in his jacked and walked outside with me so I could have a look at this weird stuff they get up here. I crawled out and he let me try and walk on it, but then my paw sunk down into it, and it turns out it's actually higher than me this time. So I couldn't really do much. I meowed, and he picked me right back up again and brought me inside and dried me off. So now I just look at the Little Black Cat out the window and gloat.

My humans fed him, though - the Little Black Cat. They fed him my food. Honestly, next thing you know they'll be inviting him in for tea and gossip.

The other big adventure I had this week was that I got to stay in another hotel for one night. My female human had a meeting on Friday morning about 3-4 hours away. She doesn't like to leave home, so she had just been thinking to go up early in the morning. But with this snow and all, she decided she needed to get down the mountain quick-like. So they loaded me in the car on Thursday afternoon and drove me to someplace named Lompoc which was close to somewhere else called Santa Barbara.

The hotel was some kind of weird. I could crawl in the thing they called the "box spring" so I could keep them awake all night. That was fun. It was even more fun when it was time to go home and I crawled up there, and they had to lift the bed up to get me. I laughed and laughed. It was a good time.

I cuddled into my female human's feet on the way home and fell asleep on her ankle. I thought that would be fun. But then. Oh then. Then the real torture started. We got up the mountain and it turns out the road where the humans have bought this house of theirs wasn't plowed, and we had to walk, with all our stuff from traveling the night before, back to the house. I must say, my female human was very gruff with me. She just grabbed me and expected me to be still and not try to run away or put up a fuss.

I could tell they were stressed out, and besides, there's been serious talk of getting another cat lately, so I decided it would be best to behave. We got to the house and it turns out there was no electricity. So it was cold. The male got the car unstuck and the female started shoveling and everybody forgot that I needed food for at least an hour. The male made a fire and the female lit candles and finally I got my dinner. Just because their electricity is off doesn't mean I need to suffer. I don't need electricity anyway.

That said, it was kind of cold throughout the night. They closed the door to the bedroom, which is where I like to sleep, and stayed in the living room where the fire was. So I had to stay out there with them. I guess I may have crawled under their blankets a time or two, but I'd never admit it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life returns to Normal after my Humans Desert Me

Oh, and Happy New Year.

My humans deserted me for 12 days. 12 whole days. The heat was out and I was freezing.

Oh, ok, so they did arrange for Tara of Heart and Soul Pet Care to come visit me each day. She fed me and watered me, gave me my hairball treats and played with me.

So I can't be too much of a martyr about it.

Either way, it still sucked.

It sucked so much I let the humans hold me for about 15 minutes last night when they got home. And I slept in their bed with them.

Yeah, I love them. I'm a sissy cat sometimes. But I'm strong enough to admit it.

After a few days I'll go back to my normal routine of ignoring them and complaining about the lack of quality catnip, but for now, I'm just enjoying some warmth in the house and pats on my belly whenever I want them.