Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm no good unless I've had my coffee

I mean, given the fact that I now live with Cat People, and a house full of furry felines, I savor any bit of rest I can get these days.

We had a sad day yesterday. The big outdoor patriarch, Big Boy, had to be put down. I never liked him much, and we batted at each other through the window; but he was a good dad to his brood, and the humans are hugely distraught, and he had FIV (kitty hiv) and I wouldn't wish that on my worst feline enemy, so I'm giving him his due respect.

I hope he's doing well in Kitty Heaven now. His daughter, Polyphony, is due in a few days, so he'll have a legacy. I know I won't get to see the kittens until they are at least a few weeks old (and I really have much too much to think about to care anyway) but I suppose I will be able to bring myself to show at least a little bit of interest. They might be somewhat cuddly.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Polyphony is Pregnant and totally hormonal

So the humans found out the other day that Polyphony, the new little black cat, is pregnant. They found out when it was too late to spay her, so we're gonna get kittens in about a week or so.

They sequestered her in her Pregnancy Room (the back bedroom and bathroom) because she was getting totally hormonal. The other day she chased all of us into separate corners and growled at us when we tried to go past her. Seriously, she's too much. I guess it's hard for her because she's so young. She's only 6 months old. Still a baby. She really has no clue what's going on, and I'm sure it's upsetting to her.

She still shouldn't take it out on me, though.

The humans have contacted the humane league, who will help out with getting them adopted out, because lord knows, if there were going to be kittens in the house forever, I'd howl.

The little black cat's Sister also came into the house recently. So now the roster includes:

1. Me
2. Tulip
3. Blossom
4. Polyphony
5. Polyphony's sister (she's still nameless - they just call her Sister)

And there will be kittens soon.

But I think that they will adopt Polyphony out after the kittens go, because Sister is really nice and has been fitting in well, but Polyphony is just a b*tch. We'll see how she is after she gives birth, though. She's pretty cute.

I refuse to eat with everyone these days. When the female human gets the food ready for us all, she puts all the bowls down, and I just hover at the doorway, watching and staying out of the fray. Then she brings me my food into the office, and I eat there, in privacy.

Here's a video of Polyphony's belly, if you're interested. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. It's such a stressful time, but Tulip has been teaching me kitty-yoga and we've been chilling out on a new catnip play mat that the female got at a place she practically lives at called Target (I thought maybe it was a church or something, since she goes so often, but then I heard her say that she gives way more than a tithe to Target, so it must be something different).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One of the (few) things I like about having other cats in the house

The humans have other people to do things like this to. It really is nice to just sit back and watch, and stifle a giggle. If it means I don't have to wear dresses like this, I'm all about sisters.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am so adorable

Everyone wishes they were as cute as me. Especially in my special "repose" pose.

Another cat invaded the space again. My humans have turned into cat-people. I don't even like cat-people, and I'm a friggin cat. What's up with that?

I'm really chill, though. This cat is an all-black one. She was the runt of a litter of feral ones that live under the humans' deck. I've seen her outside a couple of times, and we've sniffed each other through the screen door.

She's totally not cool with it, though. She growls at everything. It's made me appreciate how friendly Tulip and Blossom are. The humans think she'll fit in eventually. I'm just hanging out watching her growl.

And looking gorgeous. It's hard to keep up with my exciting life.