Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't you wish your kitty was cute like me?

My female human has been listening to the pop stations pretending she's a teenager again, hence the blog title. I see that Tulip has written some most unflattering and completely false things about me. You can't believe anything she says. She is, after all, not the smartest kitten. She's a year old and still chases her tail. I mean, some of us grow up eventually and lose our childish habits.

I am adjusting to life with the kittens. I hissed and hissed a lot when they were first introduced, but I am finding that I can mostly just stay away from them, and play a little bit when I feel like it. I am the only one who keeps them in line, though. Everyone else is all, "oh, they're soooo cute..." and don't notice that they didn't clean their paws after using the litterbox and are dragging solid waste all around my territory. I know they're still young and will figure it out eventually, but I still don't want poop in my nap spot...

I've discovered that the laundry basket in the closet under my female humans' hanging shoe organizer is a most pleasant and cool spot, away from all of the distractions. I come out for food, and occasional exercise and petting, but other than that, I am a kitty in the closet.