Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look Who's Being Friendly

Yes indeed, this is me laying in close proximity to two other cats - Tulip and Twilight, who are beginning to annoy me less now that I've lived with them for over a year.
It's been a very busy month for me. My humans had visitors for several weeks in June, so there were more people in the house than normal; however, some of them did take the time to worship me as is befitting my beauty and status.
Then my female human got addicted to a computer game and spent every free moment for several weeks playing, which made me really mad because she didn't have time to set up my meow-recognition software for me. She finally quit, so now I'm blogging.
I've started playing with the kittens more, now that they aren't babies. I don't think I'm very maternal because babies freak me out. Maybe it's just other people's babies that freak me out. Either way, I guess I never have to worry about it because I'm fixed. But anyway, I've been playing with the kittens almost every day now. We chase sticks together, and sometimes we pretend fight. I put my ears back, just to scare them, but whenever they get too close to attacking me, I run away rather than hurt them. I also share my treats with them sometimes. Not very often, but occasionally.
The humans got an air conditioner the other day, and we've all been enjoying laying around on the chair in front of it. Some of the cats get too close to me, but there's no way I'm giving up my spot right in the air flow, so I just let them say close and don't pay attention to them.
I'm having a pretty happy summer so far, all in all.