Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can do the festive thing sometimes. Nice hat, don't you think?

My human gave me real chicken tonight. Oh, it was heavenly! I'll wear this hat all day long for real chicken.

The humans are still snowed in, and there is wrapping paper and bows everywhere for me to play with. Life is good.

Merry Christmas to all my adoring readers. I'm thinking up some fun schemes for the New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowed In

We are all snowed in up in the mountains, so I have finally been able to convince my human to get out my meow-recognition software and let me blog again. Honestly, she's been so lazy. And so many excuses. Holidays, visitors, blah blah. Really, it was an obsession with a video game that has kept her from letting me blog to you, my loyal readers.

So, it's Christmas time. I am hoping to get a new coat this year. My existing one has gotten a bit scratched up because I've been fighting with Polly. She's the mama of all the babies in the family. She just really gets on my nerves. When she was pregnant back in the spring, she was all b*tchy, hoarding the food and growling at us all. Now she's stressing because she hasn't lost the baby weight, and she's trying to diet, which is making her mean and grumpy. Anyone on a diet is not a nice person, or cat, to be around. And anyway, she's had four kids. I wish she'd just chill out about it. But noooo, she wants to go out and be a party girl. All these boy cats are coming around now, and she sits at the window and flirts with them, and I guess one of them called her chubby the other day, and man, did that set her off. So I have to try to put her in her place, and then she gets me with her nails, and we growl and hiss, and the whole thing gets very unpleasant. It really stresses out the humans, I can tell, but I don't care. They brought her in, they can deal with the stress of me not liking her.

But at least it's warm inside so that's nice. I have a new spot on the top of the dryer in a washbasket that's been there for a while. There's a blanket in it now, and I like to climb in there and no one can see me. It's very nice. Also, during the winter when it's snowy, I appreciate being inside. Twilight was telling me some stories about last winter, when she was outside - before the humans found her - and it was really unpleasant. She sure is grateful for being inside with a regular food supply now, and I try to keep that in mind when I get mad at Polly.

That's the news from here. I'm having a good holiday season. Thanksgiving, especially, provided me with some lovely turkey leftovers, which I very much enjoyed. I'm hoping for more at Christmas next week, too. We'll see....