Sunday, October 25, 2009


I know you all think I've deserted you. I haven't. My humans have just kept me busy doing autumnal activities like carving pumpkins.

A few weeks ago we had quite the episode. The back door blew open while the male human was working outside and going in and out, so hadn't latched it. We all went outside. All nine of us. We went all kinds of places. Well, some cats were scared and just went under the deck. I went for a wander around the forest and smelled lots of new things. But after about two or three hours I decided to come home for dinner. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I had forgotten just how vile it is being a prisoner.

My fur got messed up, which was a bummer, but it was worth it to go outside for a while. Unfortunately that will never happen again because the male human is absolutely insane about latching the door now. And to make matters worse, it's cold which means that I can't lay by the screen door and gaze outside any longer. The upside is that I get to lay by a fireplace, but that's a poor consolation prize...