Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life returns to Normal after my Humans Desert Me

Oh, and Happy New Year.

My humans deserted me for 12 days. 12 whole days. The heat was out and I was freezing.

Oh, ok, so they did arrange for Tara of Heart and Soul Pet Care to come visit me each day. She fed me and watered me, gave me my hairball treats and played with me.

So I can't be too much of a martyr about it.

Either way, it still sucked.

It sucked so much I let the humans hold me for about 15 minutes last night when they got home. And I slept in their bed with them.

Yeah, I love them. I'm a sissy cat sometimes. But I'm strong enough to admit it.

After a few days I'll go back to my normal routine of ignoring them and complaining about the lack of quality catnip, but for now, I'm just enjoying some warmth in the house and pats on my belly whenever I want them.

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