Monday, May 4, 2009

Nap Time

Tulip and I were napping, and yeah, we might have been snuggling a teensy little bit...whatever..and then we were rudely awakened by our female human, and a bright flash. I am not surprised that the kittens can't seem to learn any good manners when I look at the example the female human sets. Sneaking up on cuddling cats and waking them up just to take a picture. The nerve of that woman.

And here's something else. There are all these birds around, right? And we all want to chase them. So she tells me she'll let me go outside, and I get all dressed up and excited, and get my bird-catching shoes ready, and she carries me outside, and when she puts me down I realize that I am on a leash. A leash! Like a dog! Well. I am not a dog, I told her. I am a regal cat, to be worshipped, and not to be put on a leash. "Take this leash off at once, human," I demanded. But she didn't. Oh, it was horrible. All the other cats saw. They all are calling me Fido now. Someday I shall sneak up on my human when she sleeps and put a flash bulb in her face and see how she likes it. Oh, it is just too humiliating for words.

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