Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't even say a word

Yeah, I got busted cuddling with Tulip. Whatever. So what? She was warm. These two new cats have all this fur and they're all warm and everything. I didn't think anyone was looking! I'd never show this much affection if I knew someone was looking, much less taking a picture.

Whatever. My female human thinks I'm getting soft. Sucker.

On a different note, the other day I had a staredown contest with the neighborhood cat. The Big Black Cat was sitting directly outside the bedroom window on a wall so that his head was level with mine when I sat on the windowsill. I puffed up my tail and batted at him through the glass. It woke my female human up, and she got all freaked out just waking up and seeing this big black head at the window. Yeah, well, it freaked me out, too, and that's why I was trying to protect her. Instead she just shut the blinds so we couldn't see each other. She's so lame sometimes.

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