Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Day

I'm recovering from a Bad Day. All in the space of three minutes I got my nails stuck in my male human's sweater, and then while I was stuck, Polly the Mean came and attacked me. My fur went flying and I couldn't get loose to fight back because of being stuck on the male human's sweater. The male human scared Polly the Mean away, and my mommy came to calm me down because I was hissing like crazy. I growled a little bit and tried to get away, but mommy held me and petted me and whispered to me that it would be ok, and then she gave me catnip and stayed with me for about 20 minutes and petted me while the male human yelled at Polly the Mean. She didn't get any catnip. Blossom and I got catnip and got slightly loopy off of it. I spent the rest of the day in a mild stupor and now I'm just sitting on the top of a bookcase while my humans watch tv. They're watching a Will Ferrell movie, and that humor is below my standards, but I'm subjecting myself to it anyway just so I can be in the living room where it's warm. The humans have told me I can sleep with them alone tonight so I'm looking forward to a restful night. This whole living with other cats thing really stinks sometimes. I miss the Beginning when I just lived with mommy and before she met the male human and then they got all these other cats. It was nice and quiet living just with mommy. It was kind of boring, though, I guess. I'll feel better after a good night's sleep.


granny cindy said...

meow Wrigley from your cousin Otis

granny cindy said...

Wrigley, I needed to test this site to make sure it is secure. I am sorry for your bad day. I can relate since my humans have again limited my ability to explore and safeguard my residence and now I will have a series of bad days. The humans previously limited my personal space to the public rooms and my eating space where my female human spends most of her time. (I let her pet me in the evening when I feel like it). As of yesterday, the male human banished me from his special place--a wonderful, dark, cool place called the garage. That was one of my favorite places!! I could explore for hours, leaving personal, intimate gifts behind boxes, tool chests, and computer parts. I even slept in a hidden spot when it was too warm inside. Apparently, the male human is allergic to the smell of cat pee and has commanded that the door be shut at all times to block access. What did I do to deserve this? And my female human comes up with new tortures weekly. First it was a wet thing called a "cat wipe". She thinks I need a bath all the time, but I clean myself properly every day. She has funny notions. Then last week, she started squirting wet stuff on my handsome coat. WHY?? Don't these humans know that cats don't like to be wet???
So, Wrigley, we captives must stick together. I was pleased to learn that the photo of you snuggling on the bed was a fake. Your standards are too high for that lowly behavior. And that "smoothie" thing sounds really good. All I get is dry stuff and luke-warm water.
meow, from Otis